Tuesday, 17 July 2012

BBSA Make it safe

From January 2012, two easy break chain connectors are fitted as standard on all Xpress Blinds Excel and Fabric Box roller blinds. Fitted 2 per blind, they are designed to break under a 3kg force. A cord and chain cleat is provided with all Decora products with chains or cords – these are to be fitted to the side of the window to allow cords and chains to be secured safely out of children’s reach. All our fitting instructions across all products include directions on how to fit a cleat. Warning tags are attached to all blinds to remind customers at point of installation of the potential hazards. A new larger warning tag has been introduced to ensure the safety message is highly visible.< Plastic ring stops are fitted at the top of raise control cords on Sunwood venetians - this stops the ladder cord being pulled to create a dangerous loop.

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